Ramp services

Everything we do for our customers is built on safety, security and punctuality .

– Our teams are trained to comply with all relevant industry standards to create a safe and secure airside working environment to protect the aircraft, crew and passengers and eliminate any potential risk of operating delays.

– We supply a diverse fleet of Ground Support Equipment to serve all aircraft types, all subject to regular checks and a proactive maintenance schedule to ensure the reliability and efficiency of all equipment used to support the flight operations.

– In a dynamic airport environment, new challenges arise on a daily basis but our teams are trained to be flexible, to think proactively and to resolve issues quickly to eliminate any potential causes of delay.

– We deliver ramp services from landing to take off with utmost fast, efficient and safe aircraft turnarounds.

Ramp & Transport service at a glance

– Ramp supervision (as part of the load master agent concept)

– Comprehensive GSE

– Aircraft arrival and ramp to flight deck communication

– Unloading and loading of baggage, cargo and mail

– Passenger and crew transport

– Baggage, cargo and mail transport

– Water services

– Toilet services

– PRMs high-lift (DPT)


– Moving of aircraft and walk-out-assistance (wing-walker)

– Safety measures

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