Passenger Services

Friendly and thoughtful passenger service team give our customersa great first impression.

– Passengers are always greeted by a friendly smile and a fast and efficient service. We select our staff for their resourcefulness as well as their customer service, language and social skills, and provide them with dynamic and professional uniforms.

– Perfect customer experience with prompt and efficient service, delivered by friendly and helpful professionals.

– Our staff are experienced in working with various airline check-in systems such as SDCS, Altea, Amadeus, Navitaireetcso if you’re a new customer, transferring your business to us will be fast, easy and seamless.

– We delight our customers from check-in to baggage delivery.

Passenger service at a glance

– Station representation

– Check-in of passengers and baggage

– Boarding of passengers/gate control

– Excess baggage and Ticketing

– Special passenger handling

– Transit & transfer handling

– Arrival Service

– Baggage tracing (lost & found)

– Management and storage of mishandled baggage

– Irregularities/disruption handling

– Individual services upon airline requests

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